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Bed Bugs

Bed Bugs Treatment for your Business

Controlling bed bugs is becoming an important issue for many businesses. Ace Pest Control offer effective bed bugs treatment and expert advice tailored to your needs. Our solutions for getting rid of bed bugs are quick and safe:

● 24 hour response to problems for bed bugs with appointment times convenient for you.

● Treatments carried out by knowledgeable & experienced local technicians.

● Call now on 778-882-3417 or 778-872-2ACE (223) for advice on bed bugs & to arrange a business site              inspection from an experienced  Ace Pest Control technicians.

Bed bugs are small crawling parasitic insects that are becoming an ever greater pest problem. They are very easily spread but complicated to treat. This has resulted in a rapid growth in bed bug outbreaks in the CANADA and other countries.

Bed bugs can be a serious issue for businesses with a constant flow of visitors to their premises. Hotels, guest houses, universities, museums, entertainment venues, retailers, public transport and care homes are all particularly vulnerable.

The key to getting rid of bed bugs is to raise awareness of the signs to look for and to ensure infestations are dealt with quickly and effectively by a professional pest controller, once discovered.

Bed Bugs - Danger Signs

● Live adult bed bugs and young bed bug nymphs

● Small, dark blood spots on bed sheets or bedding, known as 'faecal pellets'

● Cast nymphal skins

● Distinctive sweet & sickly smell

Potential Harm from Bed Bugs

● Customers and staff could be bitten by bed bugs. Some may have allergic reactions or secondary              infections from scratching the bed bug bites.

● Bed bugs are small and move around easily but are a complicated pest to treat.

● Once established, bed bugs can swiftly reach an epidemic level if not treated quickly and professionally.

Business Consequences of Bed Bugs

Bed bugs use numerous entry points for invading your premises – so a business is constantly exposed to the risks associated with an infestation. There is very little that can be done to prevent them from entering premises. That is why vigilance and acting swiftly once bed bugs are discovered is very important.

The Consequences of bed bugs for your business:

● Customer complaints

● Damage to your brand and reputation

● Loss of profit

● Possible legal proceedings

● Cost of treatment for bed bugs

Consequences of bed bugs for individuals:

● Discomfort from and allergic reactions to bed bug bites

● Inconvenience and disruption

● Risk of transporting bed bugs into other premises - including homes

● Cost of treating bed bugs if they are taken home, usually transported on clothing or in luggage

Bed bugs are difficult to detect and complicated to treat properly. For these reasons we recommend that you do not try to get rid of them without professional help:

● If you believe you have seen signs of bed bugs contact a pest controller immediately for professional               help.

Call now on 778-882-3417 or 778-872-2ACE (223) for advice on bed bugs & to

arrange a business or home site inspection from an experienced Ace Pest Control